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Kotha IP Telephone

Kotha is the IP Telephony service brand of BDCOM Online Ltd. This brand was established with a vision of providing reliable, robust and next generation service to its clients. From Call center to Banks, Kotha is serving many renowned companies in the country with its “Leading-edge IP Telephony Service”.

Smile Broadband

SMILE Broadband is the home internet service of BDCOM Online Ltd. serving the ever growing demand of home broadband users of Bangladesh. SMILE Broadband boasts presence in 6 different districts and using advanced technological advances, it is well on track to provide the “Fastest Internet Service” for home users.

Smart Tracker

Smart Tracker addresses the growing security concerns of vehicle owners by providing leading edge “Vehicle Tracking System”. Incorporating advanced technologies and top quality products, Smart Tracker is the pioneer among vehicle tracking service providers in Bangladesh. Through our products Users can track their vehicle’s location, speed, fuel usage, etc.

Key Service We Offer

In BDCOM the philosophy is simple. Make available the tools for a total IT experience while pushing the barriers of technology and customer service.
BDCOM plays significant role in domestic and export market, especially in Internet, Custom Software Development and IP Telephony Service.

About Us

BDCOM Online Ltd. is a trusted name in Bangladesh for Internet Service, Data Communication Service, Vehicle Tracking Service, IP Telephony Service, IT Infrastructure Development and Industry Standard Software.

BDCOM was born with a mission of ensuring “Total Excellence” in every aspect, be it providing service, customer support or employee satisfaction. Keeping this motto as the guiding light, even after more than 20 years, BDCOM strives to improve its service with renewed vigor. BDCOM is the forerunner in the value centric Service Marketplace and an architect of high value end-to-end ICT solutions for both National and International market.

BDCOM thrives with a simple mission: Bring about the best technology to provide the best customer experience possible and earn the trust of customers with personalized support to ensure total customer satisfaction. BDCOM believes in the proposition “Customer is King,” thus ensuring extra effort to satisfy each customer.

  • Value Driven

    It's not hard to make decisions, as we know our values.

  • Customer Focus

    Good service is good business..

  • Employee Driven

    Power of positive experience...

  • Technology Driven

    Technology shapes society and society shapes technology....

  • Passion for Innovation

    Motivate employees to participate.....